Our on-demand smartphone receipts have been improved

Our direct receipt function is when a customer waves a smartphone over a dongle on your register and through the smartphone gets a copy of the receipt plus an advertising coupon if you wish to add it. This means your customer no longer has to get a receipt and the coupon as it is stored in their smartphone, which is accessible in a smartphone app. As the coupon is also stored in the cloud (Microsoft Azure) you can set it to be marked as redeemed once used so it cannot be claimed twice.

Two points that many customers like is that doing this is much faster and unlike an email, they can keep their anonymity intact as no email address is required.

This function has currently been included to allow you to do instant customer satisfaction surveys, after filing it out you can now drill down to the exact transaction, so you can know when and who actually served that customer.

If you want to print, then all, you need to do is print a QR code that identifies the transaction. If that QR code is scanned by a mobile, it will display on the screen instantly that receipt. This receipt is available anytime, and you do not have to do anything more. This will save you a fair bit of printing work.

The other advantage is that since the receipt is virtual, you can make it as big as you like so allowing you to put a few offers in there. Okay the 5% offer off a bike did not appeal but maybe an offer of a bike pump or a new bike seat will appeal to them. It cost nothing to add a heap of coupons.

Finally, all the customers now have to do is press your logo on the receipt, and the smartphone will go to your website or Facebook page.

If you want to know more, please contact us.