Major update to our Evernote and point of sale link.

Today evernote is the ultimate personal note-taking tool in business! Many of my clients and myself use the integration into evernotes from our point-of-sale system but also as well to create notes todo list, store business cards, contacts, shop receipts, make reminders, record images, integrate into Google's calendar, write notes, etc. Since evernote works across devices so that a business-changing idea can instantly be shared to anyone with a smartphone, computer or tablet, it makes it a great tool for running an organisation.

I use it many times every day both for business and personal use.

What you will find is that connecting Evernote to our point-of-sale system in has been dramatically improved in the next version so it will be much easier now to store the information from our reports into evernotes.

For an example of how evernote can be used in business, take a look at this youtube here. What I do suggest is you check out the part in the video of storing receipt, it's literally mind blowing.

The advantage our users have is that they can import their information from their point of sale into evernotes. This is just another example of have often we come up with solutions and go beyond a regular point of sale system.

If you are interested in using evernotes, I do suggest you look at the premium version because it can read images. If you are interested from the affiliate program, we can get our readers here a free trial and a discount if they wish to purchase a copy.