Newsink annoucement


Newsink is the lowest cost Newsagency promotion group,

Newsink is the original inkjet marketing group

Newsinks aim is to make your store the destination store for inkjet cartridges and associated IT products in your area

For just $250 a year Newsagents receives the following:

·Rebates from Newsink suppliers, currently 4% payable monthly,

-Tonnex for Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) products,

-Keytek for compatible products

·A minimum 5 promotions a year with your stores personalized address header on your flyers. (cost of flyers and distribution at newsagents expense)

·100% Genuine OEM products

·Reliable service and delivery

·Ability to participate in consumer promotions provided by HP, Epson and Brother

·Reseller rewards program provided by Tonnex, choose from over 400 products LCD TV’s Holiday’s Homewares etc

·Competitive pricing to bring customers to your store

·Your personalized account manager to help you manage your account. Freecall 1800 number provided by Tonnex

·Ability to participate in Reseller promotions- By purchasing from Tonnex you are able to participate in reseller offers available from HP, Epson and Brother,

-I.E. Epson’s recent print, preview and project offer, whereby Resellers were able to redeem home theatre projector valued at $1699,

-HP free $300 fuel offer for just buying 60 HP inks in the 1st week of October.

·Access to P.O.S and merchandise provided by HP, Epson and Brother

·Access to exclusive products provided by HP, Epson and Brother; such as twin/tri packs and bundle packs which are always great value. Previously only available to major retailers, e.g Officeworks, Harvey Norman etc.

·Great trading terms 30 day account, FIS for orders over $250.00 from Newsink suppliers.

If you join Newsink now, for October you will receive the following

1. $300 free fuel voucher for every 60 HP inks on a single invoice from Tonnex between the 1st – 8th October, pay for inks 30th November!

AND Rebate of 4% on value of HP stock Approx $1500= $60 + 3000 reward points

2. 2 Free Greater Union movie tickets for every $500 Epson consumables ordered from Tonnex in October + rebate of 4% on value of Epson stock $500 = $20 + 1000 reward points

For the first week in October you can receive:

#$300 fuel + $60 rebate + 2 Movie tickets($30?) + $20 rebate = $410 APPROX + 4000 reseller reward points + 5000 bonus reseller reward points for filling out the Tonnex account form.

#Buy 2 lots 60 HP inks receive 2 x $300 free fuel!

The more you sell the more you get back in rewards.

October promotion will have products and consumer offers to bring more customers into your store.


Neil Chandler
M: 0417340817
P: +61 3 9879 4319
F: +61 3 9870 3552