Checking the time the Xchangeit sales data is sent


Many of you trying to get into the ACP Emerald Club, will discover that one major factor is sending sales data on time - it is called timeliness on the Dartboard.

The easiest way to check to see what time the sales data is being sent out is, on the machine that sends the sales data, go to the directory:

C:\Program files\POSBrowser\Archive

In this directory, you are looking for the newest files with the extension *.sl2.

If you right click on the newest of these files and select properties it will have a created date and time. It will most probably be about 11:35 pm.

We will then need to check the time that XchangeIT is sending the files back to the suppliers.

If you open the XchangeIT interface, then go View, Configuration

Now click on the Timer tab. You will get the screen you see below (page two). What is needed is a time after the files are created by pos but before midnight for XchangeIT to automatically dial and send the sales data to the suppliers.