Industry wide newsagency coding system

I have spent the whole day yesterday trying to get many of my clients to send Xchangeit sales data. Everyone is a different story. Still by the end of week, I expect to have a few more on.

The main problem now we find is that many more of POS Solutions clients are sending data but we don’t know they are sending data. This is because say we had a client John Punkmusik who sells his newsagency to Helen Green. She owns a shelf company called 123 Suny Rd Pty Ltd and two newsagencies one in West Oak and the other is East Oak. Now we could have in our records West Oak Newsagency. Someone else could have Nextra West Oak Newsagency. Another person might have 123 Suny Rd Newsagency Pty Ltd. Another supplier Oak East Newsagency because that is where they send the bills! Another knows them as Helen Green Newsagency and another might still have it under the old name John Punkmusik Newsagency.

We spent several hours over three days off trying to match what newsagency Xchangeit had to our list. We took a guess on a few and left at the end about 40 off as we could not figure them out.

What the industry needs is some industry wide coding system to determine the newsagency just like they do with other places.