Melbourne GNS Market Day Trade Fair


Overall I would say that Frank and Jason from GNS made a well organized, professional and interesting show. Also the standard of some of the exhibitors was extremely high too. I was stunning to see how much effort some of them made.

How the fair went for us we will not know for awhile. But it was good to get talk to some of our existing clients, face to face.

Of course the purpose is to talk to some prospective customers and this we will not know for a while.

Meanwhile the fun part is leaving with some souvenirs.

Do you think this cartoon looks like me? I see my features but somehow overall I just don’t see myself.

[Update 6/9/2018 Pictures have been removed]

Anyway for me it was a long day! I know it was not just me, as I could see most of the exhibitors were exhausted by the end of the day too. I noticed that some of the organizers’ like Jason from GNS looked particularly exhausted. I am sure it was the heat.

The worst part is the end of the day when we tired and hungry sitting down for a feed and a few drinks trying to unwind while evaluating what went well and what didn't while it is still fresh in our minds by doing a critique of each of our respective parts of the show. Then asking each others for comments.