Scenes from the GNS Melbourne show


Our stand is No 41 is going nicely, thanks to the tireless efforts of our trade show team. I just went in today just to check that it was going okay. Then like others I went walking around getting some samples, trading business cards and looking at other people checking out the deals. I'll be there all day tomorrow if you want to swing by.

The following are some photos from our stand.

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Two stands in particular interested me. The first is the one selling a service based on a program spaceman marketed by ACNielsen. It does planograms which should be able to integrate into our software. We tried it years ago but it was too expensive. Since then the ACNielsen representative at the show assures me the price has fallen considerably and is now competitive. If anyone keen in this please let us know as we would love to get involved.

The next one was at Staedtler who have set up an old factory-like it was about 500 years ago and are making pencils like they used to then. The guy there will explain how they are made and grab a pencil of that era, wrapped with wax and string they don’t have them like that now days.