Never have to worry about missing rounds again


I deal with many people who use the original version of POS in dos. They often call up explaining they have missed a day of delivery charges because of being on holiday, user error, or forgetfulness. This is no longer an issue in Pos Browser.

To get to the Automatic Settings section, follow these steps:

Open the side menu
Select the Customers tab
Double click on Customer utilities
Select the Automatic Settings option

In here, you can set automatic round charging, automatic account stops, and automatic late payment fee application.

Automatic round charging:

Select the first date you wish to begin your automatic charges

Input what time of day it will run (remember it is best to run this after the workday has ended)

Enter which day you will charge for (default set to today).

After you put in the correct information, simply click the Apply button.

The other two functions in this window work on the same principle as above.