Managing Customer Accounts flexibility


One problem we all have is that customers, accountants, bankers, etc call all the time, demand information about their accounts on a range of dates such as current account information, last financial year, the financial year before last, last month, three months earlier, two weeks ago, it can be anything. Not only that but they often change their mind, they say this date, and once you give it to them, they can say oh no, I meant the date a week earlier.

So what our clients need from their POS Software is the ability to find out at any time what a client or the total clients owed on this nominated date.

So go to main menu.

Register reports

Now normally, I would recommend using Trial Balance(excel) but for this example, I just wish it to be simple, so I selected Trial Balance.

Now select the date that the client or whoever requested, just to show you the power of our system, I picked a random date five years ago.

I also selected by order by Surname as I think it makes it easier to find, and I ignored the "More Criteria" because I do want to keep it simple, but I urge you to experiment later with these options.

Now out pops among other details a page like this one below Although for security reasons, I blanked out the names, you can see all the relevant information is here.

A Grand total will be printed at the end for say a banker or accountant.