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The holiday season is a busy time for retailers, with many customers doing last-minute shopping for gifts and holiday preparations. However, opening hours can be irregular during this period. As a business owner, you must communicate your holiday hours so customers know when you are open. Please do not assume that they think it will know magically. For a list of public holidays, click here.

Why Communication is Key

Without proper communication, customers may come, and at times, you are closed and have a poor experience. This can hurt your reputation and sales. It hurts more if they do not come because they do not think you are open.

Boost Loyalty & Sales

Informing customers shows you value them. People appreciate being updated on hours. This builds goodwill and loyalty.

Set Proper Expectations

Telling customers in advance about adjusted hours prevents frustration. They’ll know when to visit instead of finding you temporarily closed.

Promote Offerings

Communicating holiday offerings like gift items, sales, and curbside pickup promotes more business. People can’t buy if they don’t know what’s available!

Ways to Notify Customers

Use multiple channels to inform customers about holiday hours:

In-Store Signage

  • Place visible signage at the entrance at least a week before, stating your opening times.

POS Software receipts

  • Put your hours for this period on your receipts.

Social Media Pages

  • Post adjusted hours on business Facebook pages and other social accounts.

Email/Text Alerts

  • If you run a VIP loyalty marketing program, consider sending out your holiday hours announcements to your members via email.

Website/Online Listings

  • Update hours are shown on your website, Google My Business, etc.

Consistent, advanced communication across channels helps customers know what to expect this season. They’ll appreciate you taking steps to avoid surprises.

If you need help managing holiday hours and communications with our point-of-sale software, POS Solutions can assist. Reach out for help.

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