Our favourite all-in-one unit.


I doubt we can get more high-tech Point-of-Sale units with the Black Friday sale prices from our supplier much longer. They have proven extremely popular because they are so fast, elegant, and easy for staff to operate, and they create a streamlined point-of-sale solution.

This has become our customers' favourite All-in-One system, as it conveniently bundles everything you need into one clutter-free touchscreen terminal.

What is an All-in-One POS System?

An all-in-one POS unit combines your hardware and software in one integrated machine. You see them today in most modern shops and restaurants. 

I took some pictures of the unit. Once you see them, I am sure you will be impressed with the small footprint on the counter.


Front of an all-in-one unit
Customer screen of an all-in-one unit
Side of an all-in-one unit

POS Software on an all-in-one unit

Benefits For Your Business

You will love the real benefits they get from this all-in-one system:

1. Convenience

One of our clients told me "With just one machine instead of a mess of wires and gadgets, managing my sales counter is so much smoother."

2. Space-Saving

These units have a small footprint to free up valuable counter space for merchandising.

3. Ease Of Use

The intuitive touchscreen interface means minimal staff training.

4. Customer Experience

Another of our clients told me that this "new POS is lightning fast so I don't keep customers waiting. This seems to make them happier." 

5. Cost

As I said, all-in-one units are very competitively priced, still on special, making them a wise investment. I doubt with our inflation, these will be at this price for much longer.

Perfect For Your Shop

This integrated POS conveniently bundles everything into one good-looking unit for faster transactions and happy customers.

Learn more! Contact us for a your perfect all-in-one system.


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