KPI boards


This is a tip. I have noticed that in many companies, you will see a KPI board in the back. This is filled out regularly and shows relevant details for the people who work there that management is particularly interested in everyone following. In a factory, I saw a board listing the number of accidents. In a collection house, I saw one listing the amount of money collected this month.

People interested in it can buy KPI boards, especially for doing this.

I saw one in a retail shop that showed top-selling items, the top-selling department, queue sizes, and the growth of loyalty program sign-ups. What the owner did was every Tuesday afternoon update from the computer, the latest figures from last week. I thought getting everyone on the same wavelength was a good idea.  He said it worked. 

I saw another one in a fast food place being used as a marketing tool. They have a special burger. They put up a sign-up for how many they sold last month compared to the same month the previous year and the year-to-date figure compared to the year-to-date figure in the prior year. The number of burgers they sold was quite impressive. When I enquired about it, the girl serving said this is the burger we are famous for, so I decided to buy one and test it out. 

Please give it a go and see how it goes for you.

 The information is on the computer, and it is not doing much good there if it is not being used.


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