It is never too late to do things differently

Well, its the new financial year. In business, the clock starts again in Australia and now is the perfect time to make your new financial year business goals. Plan how you want your year to run.

You can use the figures you are now getting from the past year. You can see what has gone well and what has not gone well.

Here are some points, I suggest that you do

1) Reflect on how your year 2017/18 has gone.

2) Do a SWOT analysis on your business? You will find just sitting down with someone discussing your business in a formal setting useful. Try and find out what are your Strengths, your Weaknesses, your Opportunities and your Threats. Now, what are you going to do about it?

3) A budget needs to be done now make it an attainable, achievable, acceptable and actionable goal for this year as if it is not realistic and reasonable, in my experience they are useless.