The ban on ‘synthetic’ lottery operations goes thru

It looks like Tatts have won as the ban against ‘synthetic’ lottery like Lottoland operations went through yesterday and will take effect in six (6) months. Will Lottoland proceed with its threat of mounting a court challenge to the Bill, with this much money at stake, Lottoland may see it worth a shot even if the odds are small they could win it? What Lottoland is also saying is that they are “here to stay” and that they are “well advanced” in developing ways to serve its 700k Australian customers that don’t violate the new rules. So we may see a variation on the ‘synthetic’ lottery, a MARK 2 plan.

What is clear is that many of my clients have lost the opportunity to be part of the debate. Maybe the reality now it is too late will sink in that the biggest player in online gambling in lotto in Australia was never Lottoland.