Inkjet or laser printer?

I often get asked this question what printer should we get?

It is a difficult one to answer because they are not exact the same.

As a general rule laser printers cost more than inkjet printers, but the printing cost a page is less on a laser printer so what you need to do is consider when purchasing:

1) How much printing you estimate you will do?

Some of my clients do almost none.

2) How much do the cartridges cost you?

3) How long will the cartridges last?

However, you also need to take into account a few other factors.

1) What do you require to print?

If it is photos and/or you really do need to make it professional looking often an inkjet is better. This is particular true if a supplier sets a standard quality that you need to abide by. If the printer cannot do what you need, anything you spend is too much.

2) How often do you print?

Ink jets if they are not used regularly tend to clog up, and it gets messy to use them. Laser can often be left for long periods of time unused. This is actually the biggest problem I face with inkjet. At home, it can be months before someone needs it and then the inkjet does not work because it has not been used for so long.

Sometimes the best solution is to buy both a cheap inkjet and good laser.

Having personally used both types of printers for years, I have found laser to be better and prefer to go to a professional for my photo printing.