epay you need to get

I have been in touch with both the Sales Director of Vodafone and the Sales Manager of Touch, and I doubt that there is an answer to whether Touch will have Vodafone soon, I suspect probably not even for many months if at all. It appears to be a legal issue. I will let you know more as soon as I have more information.

So if you sell Telco products, the big problem now is that Vodafone is *NOT* available on Touch, as such we are currently recomending to all our clients that they get our integrated epay system which we support on our system so you can process Vodafone. There is no point in trying to ignore Vodafone, and I strongly suggest that you do not as they have over 5 million clients Australia wide. Whatever you think, *NOW* epay is a must.

Having said that I do recommend that you do get both as they do not have the same products and the margins on offer on some products vary substantially. One of the great advantages of our system is you can use both together to get max benefit.