Importance and benefit of using your fixed asset register


We provide free in our software an Asset Register. This is because businesses of any size need to manage a variety of assets.

An asset register is a listing of all your fixed assets. This then is used to summarise both accounting and deductible taxation depreciation expenses. Your accountant then uses this to calculate the book values of your assets. 

One point I do recommend that you should mark your assets with a permanent sticker. This practice can be a valuable loss prevention tool.

I would recommend non-removable metal stickers work well or use an engraver.

The metal stickers are dearer but look better. What you want is your asset number and your name on the label.  

Engravers are about $35 in your hardware. They do not look as nice.  It does take longer too. 

Using it will be a great way of keeping you better organised.



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