How to make a professional Logo for free


The immediate problem we often see is that if someone has the ambition to connect to the Internet, they need a logo. Soon they discover that a company logo is a small and huge problem, a trivial and significant problem as a logo is a symbol or image that identifies them. It is a representation of your business and finding this can be a stressful process.

Remember there is no right or wrong here! Everything is based on thoughts and emotions, and everyone has different feelings. No matter what you do, what you spend, some experts will come and tell you, "it sucks." No matter what you do, you are wrong! Learn to live with this!

If you want to see what these experts think take a look at this review by an expert logo designer of five other expert logo designers.

Why I do not agree is that these logo designers are used to designing for large organisations or software that people use daily. We do not need the logo to be told what apple or IBM do because they have high brand recognition and spend fortunes in advertising. Few SMB has this so it is something else to create for SMB businesses.

Still, these experts do not ask for much and if you want a logo, this is clearly good value.

Your logo needs to be scalable.

What you need to consider first is how do you want to represent this logo. Logos are used in a wide variety of places. You need it as a tiny icon on your website that no one can read much on it. You also need it on a large sign outside the store. we call this scalable. It has to look good big and small.

What you need is something simple

You want something simple, the less in your logo, the better. I suggested that you look at your company name. Try to shorten it as you want the least. Volkswagen uses VW. International Business Machines uses IBM. POS Solutions Australia Pty Ltd uses POS Solutions.

What you need is something readable

You do not want complex writing styles, nor too much shading, relief or shading. Overcomplicating your logo will lead to readability issues.

What you want is something exciting

It has to stand out.

Think of your customers, what colours do you like? Pink, for example, works well with girls, but some guys find it unpleasant. In my experience, you can't go wrong with bright blue, red, and green. Bright purples and yellows, I have mixed feelings about these, but many like them. But too many colours are terrible, two colours are best, three are good, and four are starting to get too much unless you are google, but that is another story.

Now if you want to try your luck first in making a free logo, read on...

Now review in your shop, your biggest departments, we are going to list them. Make them as short as possible without becoming difficult to read.

Now we need a logo generator. The one I use is this free one here but there are many others online that are good. I do not recommend paying much for a logo generator as for similar money you can get on Fiverr and expert.

Now I would use on this website.

Name: <Your company name>

Tagline: <Biggest departments>

Now, look at the results until you find some that you like. You want about five on your shortlist. Then you may want to adopt one immediately or if nothing at the end really suits take them to an expert to come up with them as an example for what you sort of want.

Let me give you an example we have a SMB business: John Carter Cakeshop Pty Ltd for the logo I would shorten it to "JC Cakeshop", that would go in the name.

It is a Bakery: Bread, Cake and Pies so in the tagline, I would put in "Bakery: Bread, Cake and Pies" 

Give it ago and see how you go!

Remember, even if you have a logo that you love, it will eventually become outdated, lose relevancy or need an updated design. 

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