How to find your top sellers in a category



This is a problem faced by our clients that have shoe shops, in our specialised shoe pos software. I cannot see why any retailer cannot use this tip.

The situation is that a huge number of very similar products exist but almost all the sales are in a few lines. This is why most POS systems are useless in shoe shops. They show what we call the granular sales of the department, not the item sales. 

This is where our sales per product reports come in.

These make it easy to identify your best (and worst) selling products. They help you to determine your winners and losers. Suppose a particular product is selling well, its a winner, so you could consider ordering more of it. If the product is not performing, then the early you find out, the better.

This can be useful in any industry, and let me shop you step by step how to find your winners.

Go to Register reports.


Now pick "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period."


Now in the form put in the last four weeks, pick a category and outcomes a report with your winners on top.

Now do something!

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