Free SMS of receipts


The world is moving towards a mobile-first mindset. 

Currently, we have the most advanced SMS receipting in our marketplace and its FREE.  Its called DTI.  For over a year it has helped our clients save money.

The big plus is that better service that the retailer can provide the shopper. Many now feel that physical receipts clutter up their wallet. Also, they are often lost, are difficult to collate and fade. That is why many in public like e-receipt. This is partly why the majors often provide this service. It closes the loop between the offline and online world.

Studies show that nothing will connect with your customer better than SMS. I have seen figures are that over 98% of SMS messages are opened. Most immediately. No other channel comes even close to these figures. What it means is that you can interact with your customer effectively.

What makes it particularly useful is that the message is delivered directly to your customer. Emails are often now protected by ISP spam and customer's filters. These often block your messages.

Why not try it out?

Many of our clients use it now with significant effect, and it save them money on receipt printing too.


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