How do we sign and witness documents in a pandemic?


How can we sign and witness documents during a pandemic? This is getting to be a real problem in this pandemic.


Business must go on, and documents must be signed. How do we do this, as many of us often now are not near a printer or fax?


This is what I do. I converted the electronic document to be signed into a pdf. Then I use a free website, pdfescape <no longer free checked on 2023 April>

I import the pdf to that site.



Then I put in the details required by the document electronically and then sign using my mouse instead of a pen.

Then I add under my signature with the following note. 

This document was electronically signed in accordance with the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) (Electronic Signing and Witnessing) Regulations 2020.

Note this is allowed in Victoria; looking at several states, I found that they all I found to have something very similar, but you need to check for your state the exact wording if you are not like me, a Mexican.

So far, only one supplier has made a fuss over this to me, most now from what I can see, are aware of the problems and accept this solution. 

I hope this is of help.

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