Here are some tips for comparing EFTPOS rates today 


It's a fact that today when quoted, EFTPOS rates are often complex. It was great when EFTPOS suppliers USED TO provide a single rate for each item, as it was simple to understand. Today many few EFTPOS providers give a single figure. Here though, are some points to consider.

1) Nothing we can do about it anyway, most EFTPOS suppliers have their policies, and if you want to deal with them, we have to accept these quotes.

2) As conditions change, those who accepted the more complex figures often do better, e.g. during the COVID lockdowns as the tourist with their dearer EFTPOS cards did not come, those with the complex rates did better. If you get a single figure, you cannot plan for changes.

3) Often, these flat rates include little. You notice that extra charges get levied, which in the fine print is allowed but not specified in the quote. It's good to know as much as possible in advance.

4) You can get a precise figure if you ask whoever is giving you the quote to provide a figure of what it would have cost you on these rates in the last 12 months. You can do the exercise with some simple maths too, but I recommend asking the people giving you the quote for legal reasons. This you can use for comparison.

Refrain from believing the hype of free EFTPOS; your business pays for it even if the customer pays for it. So look at the figure.

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