Do you need address validation tools?


Today many people are delivering goods to customers through mail or courier. What does cost is incorrectly labelled parcels? So it is a good idea to validate the customer's address before sending it.

Now you can use, as one of our competitors is currently marketing an address validations tool to their customers. What these do is check the addresses in bulk. For most of our clients who are not sending parcels in bulk, we recommend a free tool, google maps.

Call up Google Maps.

Put in the search bar the address you require (see arrow above), and google will give you a list of valid addresses for free. It is quick and easy to use. What I particularly like is that you can get a photograph of the place where the delivery is to go. This allows you to check for any potential problems in advance.

If you feel you need better, I recommend using only an Australia Post-approved address validation supplier.

A quick validation for new addresses will save you time and money.


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