Having a fast till


Many retailers at the Point of Sale have a till which is the fast till. On this till,  they discourage any slow transactions. For example if you want to ring up items on account, you are encouraged to use another till.

At my pharmacist, I was surprised that now on their fast till they have this sign

EFTPOS only  


As I was going to pay by cash, I had to go to the other till, the slow one. In a way I am not surprised as this is a graph of the average speeds of EFTPOS in our point-of-sale system using tyro by type and day of the week. The lower the bar, the faster it is. The times are listed in thousands of a second, and as you can see with a standard (ethernet) connection in light blue, we are doing an acceptance in just over a second. That is faster then cash plus more secure. No one can take money, calculate the change and give it to the customer in a second. 

So the proprietors of this pharmacy have made the fast till EFTPOS only. 



Currently, we do about 50% EFTPOS/Credit cards and 50% cash. When that figure goes up to about 70%, then we will do it too. What is surprising me, is just how fast our cheque payments have dropped. We now have heaps of people that cannot pay by cheque.

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