Hacking By Malicious iPhone Cable On Sale For $200 US


Here is something to make you think guys.


It looks like an Apple lightning cable. It works as an Apple lightning cable. But it gives a hacker a way to tap into your computer remotely.


Your computer will not notice a difference. 

These cables sell now on the market. All someone has to do is while you are not looking swap your wire to this cable and then the next time you use these cables they can get into your phone or computer. Since they look the same and act the same, you will not notice the switch.

The problem is that USBs currently do not have any cryptographically protection. There is a proposal to make USB  more cryptographically secure. It did, however, provoke a backlash as people are saying that this security will be used by manufacturers to force them to buy their expensive spare parts. Maybe people will change their minds because of these cables.

All I can suggest if you are worried about this

Keep your cables in a safe place. Also, put an unusual ink spot, so the potential hacker before he can do the hack has to reproduce that spot. It will make it harder to do the switch.

Know anyone that would pay $200 to hack your computer?









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