Google+ gone


Yesterday we had an example of how quickly and ruthlessly a major corporation can move with BigW closing 30 stores in Australia with probably another 30 to go soon. 


Today Google shut down Google+.  If you have a Google+ page for your business well it is gone now. I am stunned as according to its Wikipedia page it had 100s of millions of monthly users surely there would have been some loud protest from some of these and it would be a fortune that Google has written off, I saw figures of $585 million the project had cost Google in 2011, 8 years ago, I wonder what it would be now? The investors I am sure are concerned.

It is not the first time Google has done it, check out here, the so-called the guillotine and graveyard for Google's discontinued products, services, devices, and brands, 

What these examples do show is that business owners have to think objectively about their business just like these companies are doing to survive. If you do not do it then your competitors will do it.

Then like the Video stores (remember them), you will go.

Gone the last video library left near me.



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