If you are seeing that you need to discount a lot to sell stock you are overstocked, it is a sure sign that you need to do something. As a punt what is happening is that you are overordering on some items and probably underordering on others. What often we see in retail is that our memory is by definition the past and the memory remembers old top sellers but what we need is the top sellers today. Here is how to identify what is selling well now to check that you have enough stock for tomorrow and it is very easy in our point of sale system.

Go to Register reports

Register reports POINT OF SALE

Select the "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period"

Top Stock Items Point of sale


Now out pops the following.


Now select a day, as it is an old database I put in an old date. Usually, you would put in yesterday or today, just make sure you get close to a full day of trading.


Top Stock Items reporting


Now you get a report with the top sellers now


Keep track of top selling items



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