Doing IPS Returns via XChangeIT

You need to do the following:

1. Set up IPS to return weekly. (Instructions have been previously sent out for this)

2. Make up one return form for the week for IPS and scan all the returns into this form.

3. When it comes time to sending the XChangeIT form, select one of the forms for the week (does not matter which one)

4. Do a test print?

5. Make sure the entries are on there in either the normal or supplementary and that ALL items have a supplier code and issue code. If they do not, then fix them or the item will not be credited.

6. Generate the file and send it off.

7. Newsagents can then log into IPS Online and run their reports the next morning after 9am and review which returns were accepted and credited.

9. They can then compare this with the POS printout (Test Print) and see if there are any issues.

This works and has been tested.

National Support Manager
POS Solutions Australia Pty Ltd.