Delivery issues, why you need click and collect now?


The public is demanding free delivery, yet everything has a cost not necessarily fair as many larger firms can negotiate cheap delivery costs. Then there is the packing of goods which adds costs. So as delivery cannot be charged often the goods must be dearer priced.

Also, currently, delivery times are causing havoc. 

Solution why not have a click and collect service?

It is free, fast, and convenient. So you can save on shipping costs. A significant advantage here, unlike delivery, the goods are inspected before acceptance. 

If so, here are some steps:

Have a standard form to email your customers with the steps outlined for collection. 

Make a formal pick-up point with accessible signage, hopefully, under security camera viewing. Many retailers share such a spot with other retailers nearby.

Email order details and confirmation with pick-up details and instruction form attached. 

Have your items pre-sorted and ready for pick up aligned with the customer pick-up notices. 

Why not review the customer experience? Send them a thank you email as this will both advertise your shop.

Finally, why not request feedback from your customers; this will allow you to improve in the future.

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