Covid 19 Guard for Retail


We were offered about a week ago to promote and market these screens that allegedly help to stop the spread of the coronavirus

I know that some of our competitors have been actively promoting these type of screens and some of our clients asked whether we have such screens too.  Strictly speaking, we do have them but we are not promoting them for the simple reason that we cannot see how they can work.

There is much that we do not know about this virus, what we believe is that it spreads in the air like other flu and colds. If so then what it would look like is this.

When an infected person coughs, sneezes or otherwise exhales what they are doing is creating a gaseous cloud that carries droplets of all sizes, some of these drops may be infected which you may breathe.

Anyway, our view is that before we promote such screens we would like to see evidence that the coronavirus would hit a screen, stop there and leave the person behind the screen safe. We did contact the Australian Health department on Coronavirus website and asked about it. When we get an answer we will let you know.

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