Check your online identity - tip

Today a lot of retail business comes from an online search. What you need is know is what is out there on the net about you. What exactly will people see if they put in your details and search for you.

Search your company name, any common way people would be looking for you, e.g. "florist near me", "chemist in Malvern", etc.

Make sure you are searching on a browser that does not have an adblocker in place. I tend to use internet explorer for that reason when doing such a search as you need to check the advertisements people are running too against you.

You need to do these searches at least twice the first with a Google search as it has 93% of the Australian market and then Bing search which has about 5%. These two together make about 98% of the Australian market.

The first page is the most important, and you need to pay close attention to it because that is what people are looking at, the second page is not so relevant and I would not worry about page three after that. We have a saying in computers "that the easiest way to hide a dead body is put the details on google on page three."

What do you do about it, if you find something you do not like? That is tricky, the best way I find is to add content to the web to try and get it on top of that item. You can try contacting google or bing if it is malicious but from personal experience do not count on them being helpful. In my experience, they are not even when I had evidence that my competitor was dirty. What they did was put advertising that looked like us but was directing unsuspecting people to their site. Neither Google, Bing or Yahoo would even talk about it.

If you want to give me a call and I might be able to help. If I cannot help, I can certainly put you in touch with people that may be able to help.