Changes you need to make - Shopping Habits have changed


COVID-19 has changed public shopping habits. 

So your shop needs some functional changes now.

In the past a store was more than a place to shop, it was a gathering place, a point of entertainment and a destination. This is no longer as shopping today carries increased risk. So many people are changing their shopping habits. 

What retailers are now debating is how permanent will these changes be, are they seismic. The big issue here is that people feel to create or change a habit people need about two months. As this crisis that we are in is going on that long, it can create change habits. This is something that now we can only speculate. Recent surveys have between 33% to 40% stating that they will change their shopping habits.

But, we can see what is different now!

This is why I attended an online conference on retail now and here are some points that need looking into.

Clean shop

Today people do not want to shop in a store that does not look clean and hygienic. Many stated that if in a shop that looked unsafe, they would walk out.

Your shop must look clean.

I would also suggest setting up a sanitiser station for your customers and a sign, this is not much of an ask. People will come to your shop to use the sanitiser.

Crowded areas

The public now does not like crowds.

Current requirements are the most number of people in a shop is the area in square metres divided by four. If your shop is 50 square metres, you can have about twelve people.

Make signs asking your clients to enforce social distancing.

Also, consider moving things around a bit to make the shop look bigger and to hid crowded areas.



COVID-19 has accelerated the move to digital payments. Paypal claims that they have had five years of growth in months. Every client I speak too is recording much higher use of EFTPOS. Any shop now needs tap and go service.

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