Biggest pet shop in the world


While in Germany, one place I had to go to was the pet shop in Duisburg called Zoo Zajac as it is according to Guinness World Records, the biggest pet shop in the world to get ideas for our software. So we drove five hours to get there, which is not unusual as many people go that far just to buy something there. Once I saw it, I could see. Why. I just went "Oh My God." The warehouse alone is bigger than the MCG. They call it a zoo, as it has more animals then most zoos. It has just about everything for animals, including animals like crickets, meerkats, dogs, cats and monkeys. It has something like 500,000 different types of fishes. It has 170 staff.

Just to walk around is a big job. This is not much of a problem to the owner Norbert as he drives around on a bike all day. I found talking to him; I had an unexpected problem as he only speaks German but fortunately my wife is a polyglot and speaks six languages one of which is German. So she translated for me.


I also meet his brother who was very friendly and fortunately speaks English, and we talked while he and my daughter fed the animals.

Overall pet shops have not done well in Germany in the past few years; they used to have 3,500 but now only about 2,000 exist. Although you would not see any economic trouble in this store, as it was full. It started 40 years ago as a very small shop. The whole philosophy now of the shop is to make it a destination store, as although they are big in Internet sales, they prefer direct sales partly as they get paid immediately as opposing to waiting two to three weeks to getting paid. for example when they feed the animals they make it a public demonstation as here.



I took a lot of notes, pictures and got quite a few ideas for our software.

Here are some pictures, and I hope you enjoy them.