U.K.’s newsagents and Pet shops voted in favour of the Brexit

While in Europe, where I went, I did an informal survey about Brexit. It pretty well confirms what polls show. A few newsagents I know there all wanted out. They were upset with the extra red tape and costs imposed by the E.U. and wanted out. Although it's bad for big business both in the U.K. and Australia, it should I think open up the trade routes for Australia to the U.K., as the U.K. now have to trade with someone and without the E.U., our products have a better chance to get in.

P.S. The French people, I spoke to are happy about the result as they prefer Britain out, the Estonians; I spoke to want out too and are hoping this leads to their exit, and the Finns think because of the political situation they are in, they have to stay in the E.U.