Best way to see the items for a quantity, profit, and more



My post on the need of item sales information caused a lot of inquiries. 

-The problem is that besides sales, many people want to know the items that sell the most.

-The items that give the most profit, stock turns, etc., in a category, department, location, etc.

So go to Register reports > Stock> Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period.

Let us say you want to know, for this range, what sells the more by quantity, well it is easy to find out. Click "Select Top By" above and click "Units Sold". Retail experts call this the vote. They consider that the shoppers are when they buy they vote on that item. That is considered to be why people are coming into your shop. 

I think a more meaningful measure is the profit item below it. This shows the things that are producing money for you. 

A useful idea that works is to put near the best selling item, the most profitable items.

I do suggest that you try out these options above now and experiment with them.

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