Another day another outage


Yesterday a client contacted us which experiencing an outage on their internet. There is nothing that anyone can do now. I had a client that registered himself with the Ombudsman complaining about the problems on the NBN and was told he was number 30,000 on the list.


The ACCC measurements here are interesting.


Depending on your service provider, per week everyone on the net will have on a common major problem of more than 30 seconds one or more times between 6:00 am to midnight. Between midnight to 6:00 am presumably they are saying it is acceptable. 

As frustrating as this is for the average person at home, for a business today, no INTERNET means no EFTPOS = 50% of your business is lost.  If you are selling say telco or Giftcards it means no BUSINESS.

Update 20/11/19: Although not directly related to this, there is now a problem with Office 365 working on the net. 

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