An easy way to reduce space for a department

You have a department and you want to reduce space for that department because its sales have fallen.
The example I got quoted today was magazines but it could be anything.

We have some useful report that can help you in our point-of-sale system, although they are labeled magazine, they actually work for all products.

Go to the Main Menu / Stock Systems / Supply Report

The first step is to check the Over Supply Report.

Put 100% in the box.

Select the option to show all

Select option Returns

Now click Show Report

These are all the products you have received and never sold in the period chosen. I would suggest these are the first ones to cull.

Now if you need more room, select the Magazine Supply Report.

I suggest you do it by supplier because you will see an overall pattern by suppliers, and you find when you cull you need to see the pattern across a supplier's range.

Now select the supplier and period and then click Get Data.

Now on the reports, you will see a listing of the items sold by numbers. Note the bottom selling items.

Actually its surprising how much can be culled with little effect on sales.