Software - Windows 10

Our position with Windows 10 is unchanged that its best to consider doing this update in Feburary after it has been tested some more. It took about a year to get most of the problems out of Windows 7 and 8, and I doubt it will take much less with a more ambitious product like Windows 10.

Although our software works fine under windows 10, there is much more than our software involved. Everyday we are getting support calls from people that have upgraded to Windows 10, and they discover that something is not working.

Sometimes its user error, Windows 10 does not work like previous versions, and many do not know how to get something to work. I spent doing my upgrade several hours before the computer was back the way I liked it.

Often it's more than that, for example, we have seen programs disappear and need to be reinstalled. Many badly written programs no longer work and require a new registration. Antivirus programs sometimes work but should be reinstalled anyway.

Then there are hardware issues like the region in windows often has changed. Worse still printers that used to work but no longer do and often there is nothing we can do about that as many printers do not have a Windows 10 driver. Another popular problem is computers that can no longer access the network. The list is endless.

If you intend to do the update now make sure that you do it during business hours so if something goes wrong you can get someone to help you.

Furthermore, if something goes wrong, do not try to revert it back despite some claims, doing a rollback often makes it worse. I suggest you do not do any rollbacks.