Adjusting shop trading times part 2

In my previous post about adjusting shop opening hours, there was a lot of interest in some of the unique functions that our POS software has. Not surprising as today there is a going need for flexibility in shop trading hours as regulations are becoming less demanding and opening times are becoming more a commercial decision.

Another few useful reports that can help you decide on your opening hours is the Sales report section.

Dissection sales by hours.

That will give you a breakdown by hours over a period you specify of quantities and sales.

Another report I recommend if you have Excel or OpenOffice. If you do not have them, then I suggest that you get OpenOffice which is free and is available here to get the maximum value of our ad-hoc reporting.

Now in

Register Reports
Traffic Analysis Sales and Turnover (Excel)

You will get detailed reports, now among other details what you will see is

Now to go through some of the most important columns
The first set of columns are the quantities
The set with the T on the end is the Total (as in takings)
The second set with the C is the Cost amounts

The last set which here is the most important it the column with a P which is the Profit.

  • Now you can modify and add numbers, equations or budgets to this report to make financial comparisons which once you get a bit of practice are extremely powerful decision-making tools.

It is another example of a practical report that you can use.