11 Important Points When Choosing A receipt printer



To print receipts quickly and efficiently in a busy shop, you need a good thermal receipt printer.

Print speed

The print speed is affected by many factors. Generally, faster is better. This is especially true if you are often in a high-volume situation. Seconds here mean the difference between keeping the customer queue moving and people walking out.

I have noticed that modern receipt printers tend to have faster speeds but not always.

Another point to notice is that your receipt printer suddenly slowed down or waited longer than it used to before printing. If so, check the setting on your computer and make sure you have the most recent driver for that receipt printer.

Paper jams!

This will happen all the time, probably when the queue is big. It can be stressful and frustrating. Make sure that everyone knows to keep cool.

As a rule, it is best to turn off and on the receipt printer; this often releases the paper then try and fix it.

Make sure that the receipt printer is easy to open the lid. That it is easy to pull the paper at the jam and gently remove it.


Another excellent function is that it has a memory, and if you lose the last receipt, e.g. paper jam, it can be reprinted.

Warning light

It is an excellent function for the receipt printer to show a flashing light when a receipt is printed. It alerts people nearby. This can be very useful in the back office or the kitchen.

Roll load

The paper regularly needs to be changed. Everything will stop till this is done.

It needs to be simple as you may not be around when it needs changing.

You want something that all you need to do is remove the paper roll from its box. Lift the printer top up. Insert the roll into the printer, lower the top and start printing. This needs to be done in seconds.

Receipt printing

Some receipt printers print too much space on the top and bottom of the receipt. You only need a small receipt. Save some trees, print smaller receipts.

Support and documentation

Some receipt printer comes with very little documentation. If the documentation is only in Chinese, it can be a problem.

Standard size printer rolls.

It would help if you had a receipt printer that uses receipt rolls that you can get quickly. You will run out, and then you are going to need some new rolls ASAP. Often that is days to get more rolls.


What they do is separate the receipts.

This will make life so much easier.

Common problems without it:

-The paper will often tear in the middle of the receipt

-That you accidentally give someone two receipts there and some else's.

The other advantage is less force is required.

If your receipt printer has cutters, despite what some salespeople say, it does not matter what type of cutter it has, just that it has cutters.

On/off switch

It makes life much easier if it has an On/Off switch. There are times that you will want to turn the receipt printer off. The switches is much better than pulling the cable out.


Something important in retail but often overlooked is that these printers are usually on the front counter and so viewed by the public. If it looks old and antiquated, it will send your customer a message.

Lastly a bonus tip.

Do you have enough spare receipt printer rolls?

This is always a problem. Running out of receipt rolls can be a significant problem as it may take a few days to get more. Plan ahead.

Also, immediately after you buy, check that the printer came with a whole roll of receipt paper. If not, you may run out very quickly.

A good receipt printer can increase your speed and efficiency in your shop.

Make sure you have a good one.


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