Why not my store's birthday? A tip!

As long as I am on holidays, out of the action, I thought I would write a business tip that I think many of my readers might find useful.

A birthday is a significant occasion. How long your store has been in business is a measure of success. It shows stability. For many, it can add to your trust. Many of you would have purchased businesses from other people, or if you are like me; you have been in business for many years, me over 30 years, why not advertise it?

I felt good when I slapped on Facebook, hey, I have been in business 30 years. It's a great accomplishment.

Why not many of you too? My store is 20, 50, 100 years old, and we are still .... Write something of Mr and Mrs So and So who first came from blaa blaa etc. I am sure if you can contact Mr and Mrs So and So they have some interesting stories you could use.

Once you find out when the business was established, you can make an event of serving the community for XX years. If you can find old photos, notes, memoribila (what good is the old stuff in the store room anyway) and accomplishments even better.

It costs little and can boost everyone sense of pride being associated with your store with this milestone.