The ANF suppliers' conference

We were very pleased that we were invited to the ANF supplier conference. When I heard who came, I was quite surprised at the quality of the delegates every notable supplier to the industry came and from the comments I heard much was accomplished. Here are Garth Brennan's comments who attended.

Hi all,

It was a very productive day today at the workshop hosted by the ANF for Newsagent suppliers and industry partners. It was very encouraging to see a room full of people wanting to not only see the Newsagency channel survive, but thrive. I left the day with a lot more confidence about the future of Newsagents, while also knowing that there is a great deal to be done by all involved.

I am hoping that we will receive a summary of what was spoken about in the next couple of days, and I will make sure everyone gets a copy of that, as it would take me way too long at the moment to go through it all. If you want to know, please give me a call, or as I said, when I get an overview from the ANF, I will send it to everyone with my comments.

It was a very full-on day, but I did manage to take a few photos.


Garth Brennan

Senior Sales Consultant

POS Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd.