Some tips for a shop fit

One of my clients is getting a major shop fitter who works for a large retail firm to help him with their current shop fit.

My client asked me for some technical information get certain information that the shop fitter requested, and as a result I started to talk to the shop fitter. He really knew his stuff and gave me a few points you may find interesting.

1. The first one is obvious, make sure the shop looks like something people expect for your type of business. No point making a milk bar look like a spaceship.

2. The good entrance is critical sure you have displays set up so enticing products can be displayed that are visible to people go past. However, be careful, when people enter a shop, they need time to adjust. To improve the effectiveness of your entrance consider inserting a speed hump to slow them down.

3. Do not put the shelves too low, all you are doing is providing a shield for shoplifters. It also gets people to stick their bums in the air and no-one likes to go past them.

4. Make sure the aisles are not too small. People do not like to squeeze past.

5. Make the counters as small as possible what these do is divide your staff from your customers creating an “us vs. them” feeling.

Hope this helps.