SMS revisited

Years ago we first introduced to our clients the ability to SMS their clients' messages. It works well, when a client orders say a particular magazine, when the magazine arrives in the store an SMS is sent to the client that it is now available for pickup. The SMS costs are fairly small, depending on the quantity purchased 7.5 to 10 cents an SMS. What I have noticed is that over the years, interest in SMS has fallen as email has become more important as a messaging tool. Still, many of our clients have continued with SMS although it is dearer for a combination of reasons such as it is faster to get the message across, people tend to read their messages much more than email and an SMS does not get lost in spam filters. So there is still a need for it.

I contacted our current supplier recently to see if I could get a cheaper SMS for my clients and was bluntly told that the deal our clients have now is a pretty good deal AS IS and that it was probably about the cheapest out considering the volumes they purchase. However, another SMS provider offered to give our clients cheaper an SMS, if we could supply them with an order of 10,000 a month. What I would like to know who would like to join such an offer? So I said we will see how much interest there is in cheaper SMS?

If you are interested, please let me know the quantity per month you would like?