Checking gst

If you have some queries about your GST and you want to check it, why it does not seem to be right, what you can do is audit the figures on a daily, weekly, monthly or whatever is required to try to find where the error.

You will find it in here

Cash register> Register reports > Sales > GST Summary for a given period

This is an extremely detailed report showing the GST information based on the selected period.

What I find it particularly useful is in tracking down errors. For example, say I see a GST figure in the BAS that looks off. Using this report I can break it down to two sections of one and a half months each, then see which one looks wrong. Then I take that one that looks wrong and split it into two sections, check them and so on till I find the day of the error.

Give it a shot and see how you go.

Also, there are many other reports there too to help our clients do better.