On-demand receipts function

On-demand receipts feature will be available to our clients in the next major release.

For a long time, our clients have been able to email receipts rather than print them. It does save a lot of paper and printing. Here is a receipt, and it is over 450 mm long.

There are, however, some problems with emailing receipts.

The first is you need an email address. If a client does not have or more likely is not prepared to give you an email address you cannot email it to him. Often what happens is the email address bombs, and you need to make a few attempts to send it. Another is you need to find the receipt to email to them! For example, if a client says to you, I need another copy of the receipt where I purchased some toys off you on the morning of the 17th of last month. You need to go through a lot of transactions before you can find that one. It is work, and it may take a while until your customer is satisfied taking time from your work. Lastly, they may need it now and currently the shop is closed and/or you are not there.

On-demand receipts can greatly help to solve many of these problems.

Your customer has two options with on-demand receipts. The first is they can download an app from you which we supply for the iPhone or android. When this app is loaded, and they purchase something in your shop, they swipe the phone over a dongle, and it goes automatically into the app. Now your regular customers like a newsagents' subagents might find that very attractive. They will have in their app all your receipts.

The other option is at the bottom of the receipt can be a QR code that identifies the transaction. If that QR code is scanned by a mobile, it will display on the screen that receipt such as above which they can share. This receipt is available anytime, and you do not have to do anything. This will save you a fair bit of work.

The other advantage is that since the receipt is virtual, you can make it as big as you like, not 450mm but 900 mm so allowing you to put a few offers in there. In this, example say the 20% off a bike may not work but maybe an offer of a bike pump or a new bike seat will appeal to them. It cost nothing to add.