Get ready for pin

From the August 1, 2014, which is next week as a general rule cardholders will no longer be able to use a signature when they make a purchase with their credit card, it will be only PIN. What will happen is the option to sign will not be available on the terminal.

We have been assured by several major suppliers that our software will work after August 1, 2014.

For most people, it is an upgrade to your terminal that will be coming electronically, but you need to check your terminal on August 1, 2014 as some terminals will not be upgraded immediately. With these you will for a time still be able to accept a signature.

I have been told by Tyro (our main supplier) that they will be doing the changeover overnight so they can update you outside of regular trading hours, which is nice. If you are with another supplier, you need to check when they will do it.

Be aware there will be some other exceptions that allow signatures besides terminal that are not yet updated such as International cards, mail orders, telephone orders, signature preferred cards, pre-paid and gift cards.