Annual Retail Theft Survey 2014


I was talking to our supplier of video security today and he discussed some of the latest research from the US. I thought some it would be very interesting to my clients.

Its a survey done in the US of 23 large retail companies with 23,204 stores having over $660 billion in retail sales in 2013 compared to 2012. According to the latest study, currently, about 30% of all stock shrinkage is estimated to be theft.

Description Change from 2012
Shoplifter Apprehensions Up 2.5%
Employee Apprehensions Up 6.5%
Total Apprehensions Up 2.8%


On average, dishonest employees steal 5.4 times the amount stolen by shoplifters ($706.21 vs $130.89).


I will be speaking soon about some exciting new functions we will be introducing to help our clients which we are very excited about.