I did an enquiry on InComm

I have finally received a response from InComm regarding the average sales per store of their products of the claimed figure of an average turnover of about $5000/month per store.

The figure actually represents the average sales across all their Australian stores. The ranges across Touch today are from $0 up to $13,000 per month for InComm. With the Blackhawk range the average increases significantly with some newsagents selling $3,000 of product per month. There is clearly room for improvement as the 7Eleven stores are doing much better with similar demographics then newsagents here.

Studies show the key to driving volume appears to be creating awareness with the customer as both iTune and Moshi brands are well known. The sales seem to be strongest where the customer is aware that the product is on hand. That is why there is Point of Sale marketing, and stands available on request to support the display of these cards to present them to customers. As with all things, results are determined by the demographics of the newsagent and the effort that the newsagent places into presenting the program to customers.

As such I would prefer to leave the message unchanged here of an average turnover of about $5000/month per shop as it does reflect the current average.

If anyone has any further questions on this let me know.