Fairfax to shed 1900 staff and shrink paper to tabloid


If you deal with Fairfax, I think you will find this article in the SMH here interesting.

Fairfax is selling off assets, and intends to make another round of major staff cuts, which must reduce its product appeal further to the public. They are also now considering that if their revenue continues to fall sharply, to move to a digital-only service. I am sure this will speed up the progress of the model of a one newspaper town in Australia.

Furthermore, they are going to a compact-size tabloid format something they should have done ages ago. This is probably too late now to matter as the readers on public transport who were complaining for years have long since gone.

Fairfax have issued their plan for the future, it is available here.

Update: Part of the restructuring of Fairfax from what I understand is that The Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald, will be merged making it almost the same paper.